Securities Offering Platform

Watchdog Capital is an SEC registered broker-dealer and FINRA member who works to match companies with capital. We are here to help create the next generation of businesses by facilitating capital formation and connecting investors with emerging, high-impact opportunities. Through our securities offering platform, we facilitate exempt securities offerings which includes Section 4(a)(2), Regulation D (Rule 506b, 506c & 504), Regulation CF, Regulation A (Tier 1 & 2) and Intrastate (Sec. 3a,11, Rule 147 & Rule 147A).

What our platform does: Watchdog Capital helps match companies and investors. Our products and services are designed for a global audience with a particular focus on products compliant with U.S. law. Our platform is here to help connect investors to high-impact opportunities that will help shape the next phase of the global economy.

For Issuers: Our platform helps to connect your business with investors to raise funds for your company. Our secure platform handles the backend and logistics work, saving you time to focus on a successful raise.

For Investors: Our platform allows customers to invest in emerging trends and the companies focused on building the next phase of global business. We work with a wide range of industries from tech, blockchain and financial services to food service, retail, gaming or real estate.

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There are currently no live offerings on the portal, but the firm is accepting offering applications from Issuers.