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Jane Doe's Cloud Kitchen

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27 days Time Left
$900,000 Min. Raise
$1,000,000 Max. Raise




Jane Doe's Cloud Kitchen

Jane Doe's Cloud Kitchen (Sample Offering)

Jane Doe’s Cloud Kitchen is currently doing $1.5 million in sales and is ready to ramp up. With 3 locations and 20 full-time employees, the company is now looking to expand by opening a new location and hiring 8 additional employees. 

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Use of Proceeds

We are seeking to raise $1,000,000 during this round of funding, we are hoping to use the funds in the following way: 

  • $500,000 for new location
  • $350,000 to hire an additional 8 team members
  • $50,000 for a marketing and social media outreach campaign. 
  • $50,000 on additional materials
  • $50,000 on licensing fees

Ownership Structure & Rights of Securities

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Risks & Disclosures

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Previous Funding

Jane Doe’s Cloud Kitchen has never previously raised money, this is the first time and something the whole team is very excited about!

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Meet the Jane Doe's Cloud Kitchen team

Jane Doe

Jane has her MBA and has worked as a management consultant for 17 years. She has always loved the restaurant business. Six years ago she branched out and started her own cloud kitchen business, she now has 3 cloud restaurants & 20 delivery people around the Boston area. She is currently bringing in $1.5 million in sales and is looking to ramp up and open an additional kitchen location. The world is changing, now is the time to embrace new technological capabilities & shifts in consumer demand.

Brandon Todd

As the CFO, Brandon Todd helps oversee all financial reporting and budgeting for the Cloud Kitchen operations. He graduated with a Masters in Finance from Sample University in 2008 and since then has held various managerial positions at financial institutions. He has a passion for emerging trends, thus decided to join the Cloud Kitchen team and help oversee their financial objectives.

Victoria Jones

Victoria helps to oversee the day to day operations of the Cloud Kitchen company - moving between locations and ensuring they are all running smooth. She's always had a passion for running kitchens, having been a manager at various restaurant groups for the past 15 years before joining the team at Jane Doe's Cloud Kitchen.


1 Year Goal: 

  • Hire 8 additional team members and open up a new location 
  • Reach yearly revenue levels of over $5,000,000
  • Hit 1,000 daily orders from all locations

3 Year Goals: 

  • Reach a total of 25 team members
  • Expand to have 8 total locations
  • Hit 5,000 daily orders from all locations

5 Year Goals: 

  • Hit 50 total team members
  • Reach 15 locations, expanding throughout New England
  • Hit 10,000 daily orders from all locations

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